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What do we need to know for sustainable corporate management?
"Here lies a man who was able to surround himself
with men far cleverer than himself."
It is written in the Andrew Carnegie’s grave
"The principles to how to be permanently and irresistibly happy have never been, known, understood, taught and effortless to use. My dear friend, Roice Krueger who lives happy and inspires others to be happy is the best student and teacher of how to enjoy, express and exude a wealth of happiness."
- Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®
Roice teaches you how to make better decisions and have better results, in
easy languages. I really want you to listen to what he says.
His words will take you to the brighter future
Council of Economic Advisers


"I learn that I must do it as a manager and can learn (it becomes printing type). However, I learn and cannot learn, but there is the thing which you
Roice has spent 70% of his professional life doing business outside of the United States.As one of the co-founders of Franklin Covey, he spearheaded our global expansion. He rubbed shoulders with people in the great cultures of the world and has gained great sensitivity in understanding the uniqueness of each country and culture he visited.
Through teaching hundreds of workshops and advising thousands of people around the globe, he has attained a deep appreciation and love for our richly diverse global family.
Among those he has met and worked with he created deep, lasting relationships that have endured decades. -Stephen R. Covey
In the genre of success literature, this book stands out because it has a different ring to it. Is it the ring of Roice's integrity and authenticity? Or the ring of truth? Or the ring of practicality or relevance? For me, it is a blend of all those things-and more. Even if you do not know Roice (as I do) as one who "walks the talk,"I believe you can feel his integrity and will come to greatly value what he teaches in Wealth Beyond Money."

- A. Roger Merrill, Leadership Coach, co-author of First Things First and Life Matters
Mission ・Vision・Value
They are reflected by every management policy, strategy, result of the company


Roice N. Krueger

Born in 1947.He stayed in Japan for five years in the past.

He is one of the co-founders of Franklin Covey with Dr. Stephen R. Covey. He led the international expansion of the company into 76countries.
His leadership helped expand The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into a global phenomenon.

While he was in Franklin Covey the company did business with easily 80% of the Fortune 500 companies .

His vast experience in consulting, training, and coaching in large and small global organizations has given him unique talents and skills. His unique insights into the global arena allow his client companies to effectively expand into global markets.

He is proficient in a broad range of personal and organizational effectiveness topics. He teaches principles of effectiveness that enables individuals and organizations to achieve high levels of performance. He is able to customize his knowledge into high-impact consultations and workshops for individuals and companies.


Implemented in many small-to-middle sized corporations, educational institutions.
(Used in MBA textbooks in business schools in the US as well as in
leadership training for the US military officers)

Instructions and advice to national projects and governmental institutions.
(Leadership coaching to presidential offices, governors and bureaucrats,
human development program, global negotiation, productivity improvement,
researches for overseas business development etc.)

6 strong and unique points

❶ Personal coaching by one of the world’s leading executive consultants
Carrying on the legacy of the late Dr. Peter Drucker and Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Roice Krueger is internationally acclaimed as one of the top consultants in the world. More often than not, executive consultants with such vast international coaching experience would leave the actual coaching to a partner consultant in order to focus on training sessions for larger organizations. However, out of his love for coaching and his desire to support business owners in Japan, where he calls his second home, Roice has declared it his life’s work to provide personal consulting and business coaching workshops to Japanese businesses.
❷ Practical and specific advice based on experience leading businesses of all sizes
Not very many business consultants have personally experienced the entire process of starting a business to developing it to an international level, but as a business owner, Roice has succeeded in expanding his originally six-person company to a large business with 4,000 employees and 100 billion Yen worth of sales. Even to this day, Roice acts as director and executive of world-renowned financial companies and works on expanding companies of all sizes, therefore allowing him to provide practical and specific business advice. He is able to grasp participants’ problems better than the participants themselves, providing appropriate advice on hardships and conflicts they may experience, how they might effectively communicate with their employees, or how to handle the occasional shifts in the business strategies that may occur along the way. His coaching is truly the fruit of the abundance of hands-on experience he has amassed as a business owner.
❸ Professional problem solver’s tips on spotting and solving inherent problems with a keen eye
Not all successful business owners are necessarily exceptional problem-solvers or business consultants, due to the different qualities required for these two occupations. As a problem solving professional, Roice has an exceptional amount of experience: as a consultant, he has dealt with all types of companies in a variety of industries, ranging from top businesses around the world to startup companies, speaking to business owners and employees and thoroughly identifying the difference between companies that succeed and companies that do not. Through his work, Roice has developed sharp observational skills and the ability to spot intrinsic problems and patterns. As a founding member of one of the world’s largest human resources consulting companies, he has further honed and systemized these skills while training thousands of consultants. These skills have also contributed significantly to the establishment of his consulting style, which involves the development of human resources and seeking fundamental solutions to problems. Abundance of hands-on experience he has amassed as a business owner.
❹ A brand new leadership model in turbulent
times Why are there endless numbers of business owners all over the world who turn to Roice for guidance? Why do people look to Roice for advice instead of a consultant from their own country? This is because Roice has already put his brand new leadership model into practice and achieved success with it. His leadership model of the coming generation entails finding changes and differences in the global market and turning them into opportunities, thereby quickly identifying diversifying needs and addressing them in the business. When Roice had been the general manager of a service that had expanded to 76 countries, he had been expected to produce positive results regardless of what the business situation, style, or speed of development in the country was. As a result, Roice had to take leadership by quickly identifying and understanding the various differences and changes in the market. Instead of forcing change on others and by taking the initiative to accept and comprehend these changes and differences, it is possible to identify an advantage that can be used as an opportunity to give yourself an edge in the market. Thanks to his exceptional leadership skills, in the end, the sales he had made overseas far surpassed the sales made back in the US. Though this may seem simple in writing, such a feat is extremely difficult to achieve in actuality. By receiving continuous personal coaching from Roice, however, you, too, will experience the greatness and power of his leadership skills and take away valuable knowledge.
❺ global mind that opens up marketing opportunities and dramatically expands your business
Although many businesses know that expansion into the global market is inevitable, they are unable to radically revamp the structure of their businesses. An expert on the global market, Roice will advise and teach you the necessary steps so you can overcome your reluctance against entering the global market and dramatically expand your business opportunities.
❻ Understanding the correlation between achievement and human qualities and putting it into practice
According to the research conducted by a major company on the relationship between the attributes and the achievements of employees seven years after they started working at the company, there is one correlating factor: all high-achieving employees had received training from someone whom they looked up to during their first year. The employees’ skills and capacities, which were equal to those of other employees in the beginning, blossomed and developed dramatically by having met a boss they respected and looked up to. Much like polishing a diamond in the rough and turning into a brilliant piece of jewelry, the ability to train young employees into exceptional human resources is a deciding factor that will shape the future of the company. Therefore, as a business owner, developing and training human resources is an area that most requires effort and that must be worked on daily. Qualities of an employer or leader that employees look up to are not something to be attained by attending a few lectures or with a few days’ work. They can only be acquired by continuous contact with world-class leaders and putting theory into practice yourself. Another quality that is required of business owners and executives is their readiness to expand and develop their businesses. "I might lose something important through the expansion of the company"?such beliefs that have been subconsciously imbedded into the mind hinder the success of many business owners. However, by taking the time to learn the tenets and principles of ubiquitous success developed by Roice, who has attained wealth both financially and personally, you, too, will be able to let go of such beliefs and feel ready to expand your business.
"Change of heart leads to change of actions,
Change of actions leads to change of habits,
Change of habits leads to change of personality,
Change of personality leads to change of destiny."
Coach Tomoshige Yamashita (the man who turned Hideki Matsui into a star)

"I am a very good listener. I looked up to all well educated people,
listened to anything they had to say, and tried to absorb as much as possibly I can. Being a good listener is the number one condition of a good business owner."

Konosuke Matsushita (Founder of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company)

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